Rust is a striking red material to the brown color is formed on the surface of iron and steel as a result of the impact of corrosion. Rust consists of the oxidation of the iron atoms on the surface as a result of contact with an oxygen atmosphere the presence of moisture. Can be considered rust oxide hydrated iron , which formed a mixture of iron oxide duo FeO and iron oxide triple- Fe2O3 in addition to the oxide iron hydroxide triple FeO (OH) · Fe (OH) 3 the presence of water molecules inside the structure , so you can write the general formula outlined his as follows : \ mathrm {x \ Fe ^ {II} O \ cdot y \ Fe ^ {III} _ {\ 2} O_3 \ cdot z \ H_2O}

The rust of the most important factors leading to weakness and fragility of iron , due to the porous nature of the iron oxides produced . The iron can be used in the formation of alloy mixing with other chemical elements for the manufacture of metals are resistant to rust , and it is called steel stainless The iron and steel which does not Iqaoman rust should be saved in case of dry or Chhimama , or Talahma , or Nglifama Pfalz more active Kalkharchin what is known as the process of galvanizing .

Lost luster

It has gloss is a shift in the form of light reflection on the article because of its coverage with a layer of rust that forms on t
220px-Wolfram evaporated crystals and 1cm3 cube
he surface of the copper, brass, aluminum, where it is happening to them oxidants.

How to treat them

Upon the occurrence of lost luster, are chemically treated, and often have a strong acid. There are many commercial products for this purpose.

How to prevent it.Edit

Are preventing this phenomenon often paint (Algosdrh), where surface coating material other than the active substance (such as tin or wax) and this prevents the access of oxygen to the surface of the material to be protected. [1] [2]