The experimental method of the best scientific research methods because this approach depends primarily on the scientific experiment based on the rules of the scientific method , which provides an opportunity to test the conclusions of the process to make sure they conform with the objective facts which provide the basis for the formulation of laws through these experiences . The learning experience is as old as man , which gave him the opportunity to reach an advanced stage , but the transformation of experience and observation to scientific approach was at the end of the Middle Ages . So we can say that more research methods are important for the human being is the experimental method because this approach helped him to build his or her own development and through observation and experimentation , and access to the correct results and learn peaceful ways to deal with the phenomena and interpretation. It is no doubt that this approach in scientific research over several stages of evolution , like human civilization While the first man is using this approach without feeling became this approach now incomplete images and is used in a manner that depends on the basis of scientific principles . The apparent value of the experimental method Ge Pure and Applied Sciences .

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