Properties of the material and changes

Chemists exploits the properties that characterize the material to disperse them , they can differentiate between groups of material by one of these properties . It can also be used to classify the unknown substance within a range of materials . There are properties depend on the amount of material in Kjuas size, mass and energy intake , while there are properties do not depend on the amount of material in a possible melting and boiling point , density and the ability to conduct electricity and heat.

And changes the physical properties of the material

Physical properties are the qualities that you see and measured without a change in the identi
ty of the article , which she attributes that characterize the article itself and not how to transition to other materials . Change the physical properties of the material is in the physical without turning it into another substance , which does not change in the identity of the article , as they remain as they are material . Change in the situation is a physical change makes the material turn from one state to another .

Common cases of substance :

1 . Solid state .

2 . The liquid state .

3 . Gaseous state .

Solid state : particles that make it up are close to each other making it are the size and shape specific . While the reason that makes it stable and just oscillate around a fixed point is that the forces of attraction of the particles is very strong

Liquid state : the article are a specific size , but lacks the specific form where they take the shape of the container to be placed in it, and is characterized by material properties of this liquid because the particles that make it up close, but more movement of particles of solid material .

Gaseous state : lacking material to a specific shape or size . The article characterized these properties due to the spacing of the particles as the attractive forces are very weak .

The fourth case of the material they are plasma : the physical state caused by high temperatures , where the atoms lose their electrons