Natural Sciences is the science concerned with studying the physical aspects of the natural material for all non-human phenomena on Earth and the universe around us . Natural science tries to explain how the world works and phenomena in it for the development of theories of natural processes as much as possible and trying to get away from the metaphysical interpretations ( which characterize many of the religious interpretations and Gnosticism and spiritual world and its phenomena ) . Also used the word natural science

Natural Sciences

research as an orientation followed scientific methodology (scientific method). While trying to natural philosophy and the social sciences to apply these scientific methodologies on different topics .

Form the basis for the natural sciences of Applied Sciences , so often Tsnvan together Kaalom natural distinct from the social sciences and humanities , science and metaphysics (theology) , the arts and so on.

Can not be considered the math part of the natural sciences , but the relevance of mathematics in this science very close , it provides a lot of useful tools for this science , and mathematics derives a lot of its ideas from the study , heterosexual as well as can not be regarded as physics and chemistry , including but her Artiatat .

Things we learnEdit

   *Scientific experiments 
   *Of the universe
   *On Article
   *Rule changes
   *Connie space